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Antarctic Dream Expedition

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Classes and Rentals Phone: 1-877-AD TRIPS (238-7477), +(56) 2-481 6910 (Chile)

website: http://www.antarcticdream.com/ Open Hours: November-March Address: Antarctic Shipping S.A., EBRO 2740,

 Suite 602, Santiago, Chile Cross the legendary Drake Passage on the M/V Antarctic Dream to explore the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula. The 83 meter vessel accommodates 80 passengers and has double cabins, all with exterior views. Expedition packages include an 11-day cruise out of Ushuaia, Argentina or an 8-day Fly & Sail package, which replaces one leg of the cruise with a flight between Antarctica and Punta Arenas, Chile. Limited camping and kayaking excursions are also available.
Antarctic Shipping S.A. is a member of good standing with the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators: http://iaato.org/

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